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   My passion for many years has been music. I love to play it, I love to listen to it, I love finding the meaning of the song. With all my knowledge its my honor to pass it along to you so you have the understanding of the song. And yes there are ALOT of hidden messages in music (Even Conway Twitty had some hidden messages) but anyways kick back and enjoy BIG HAIR-OCOLYPS for what it is. GREAT MUSIC!


The Animal

I am dedicated to bringing you the BEST in Hard Rock / Big Hair Metal I can. My knowledge of this era of music will keep you entertained and informed...The More You Know! 

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The Show

The ATM has joined forces with The Asylum Radio Network and VOODOO RADIO to bring you the best metal show allowed by LAW! Never forgetting where we came from and the show that started it all BIG HAIR-OCOLYPS!  KRANK IT UP!!!

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The DJ

After a long love affair with music and being a voice "ON THE AIR" I have found my calling, and that is to bring you the best of the best and their B sides as well. To be the guy to play the  songs we remember but are forgotten on mainstream arenas.

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